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Render multiple videos on seperated threads on QML

  • I want to show live video of multiple video surveillance cameras in a QML project. I have access to MJPEG video streams of each camera. How ever, I have problems with playing MJPEG video stream from a url in QML.

    I currently use Video. This is the code I currently use:

    id : myVideo
    width: parent.width
    height: parent.height
    anchors.centerIn: parent
    source : cameraPath
    autoPlay: true

    But when I play one video, it has lags and glitches, some times even it makes my program to freeze. And when I play two videos, my program will definitely freeze and I have to force exit.

    I used Image instead of Video, but it didn't work. I also used Mediaplayer, but it is exactly the same as Video.

    I think the problem is that QML can't render multiple vidoes at once. And because I have some timers in my code, my main thread will be blocked. Is there any way in QML so that I can render each video separately in another thread? Does QML Video have problems with MJPEG? Is there any other component that I can work with?

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