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QSettings dont see all keys

  • In HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Help QSettings dont see this key:

    QString path = "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Help"
    QSettings parent(path, QSettings::NativeFormat);
    QStringList keys = parent.allKeys();

    qDebug() << keys;



  • I use Qt 4.6.3 and I get:

    ("CHTAPT.HLP", "CHTAPTEN.HLP", "EQNEDT32.cnt", "EQNEDT32.hlp", "IMEPADEN.HLP", "IMJPCL.HLP", "IMJPCLE.HLP", "IMJPSM.HLP", "IMJPSME.HLP", "PINTLPAD.HLP", "PINTLPAE.HLP", "en.hlp", "imkr61.hlp", "imkren61.hlp", "nwind9.cnt", "nwind9.hlp", "nwindcs9.cnt", "nwindcs9.hlp", "sfu_cs.hlp")

    Like you see they are here! :)

  • h.m.. i use 4.7.4

    can you post your code, m.b I'm doing something wrong
    and can you post the value of this keys

  • I'm using your code with just an extra ';' at the first line :P

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