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designing window not showing

  • hello ,
    I was looking for a platform for building applications in c++ to learn and I stumbled upon a tutorial on youtube talking about qt.
    so I went and downloaded it but when I came to start learning I noticed that the designing icon when I start a new qt widget application isn't clicable , so I can't acces the designing window .
    alt text I would apreciate it if I get any kind of hlp

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    Hi and welcome to the forums.

    Go to the forms folder and click UI file or
    go to Widget.cpp and see if it has UI

    The reason the Design is disabled is that you are in main.cpp and it has no design file.

    alt text

    So a Widget does not have to have a visual UI file. its optional.
    And its ok to mix both UI file and code. or just create GUI from code only.

    But starting out with Qt, its good to use UI files so its easier to inspect the widgets etc.

    Also, use shift + f4 to switch between Designer and the code.
    Pressing the buttons Edit / Design does not work as one would expect and show you the UI files as XML and tell you
    cant edit it.

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