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OpenGL render inside a QGraphicScene

  • Hello,
    i am working with a software which has a QGraphiScene, on which are added tons of QGraphicsItems, which are my widgets (even if they are NOT QWidget, but only QGraphicsItems).

    What i need to do, is to define a new my widget (which can live with others) which render a OpenGL scene.

    I have taken a look on the web, but this seems not possible... any clue please?

    This is my first topic on this forum, so please sorry if i am in wrong section.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Not a direct answer but this stack overflow answer might give you a starting point.

    Hope it helps

  • Hello and many thanks for answer. I am not fully sure to understand the discussion on overflow. He says that "he renders opengl triangle inside QGraphicItems". But how this is possible? I suppose he must define a new custom QGraphicGLItem, inheriting the QOpenGLFunctions at least?

    Another story is the problem he had, resolved by compiling shaders in setViewport function (which is a nice tip).


  • Sorry if i am stupid, but i am really confused. I have tried to call openGL functions inside QGraphicsItem, but i get a crash (QtOpenGLFunctions not inited).

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    Without the code you are using, it's difficult to help you. From the error you get, you are using the QOpenGLFunctions class but you never initialized it.

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