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QSqlTableModel::select crash

  • I took crash dump from user. Analysis showed that there was a problem inside qt. (We use v5.9.3 qt.)

    There is a class created by inheriting QSqlTableModel.
    I checked database is opened and I called setFilter and then called select().

    I just want to know if there are any related issues.

    It is part of call stack.
    I Think It happens when I call select().
    000000a31b2ff070 00007ffbee9bb5f6 : 000001d69cc82980 00007ffbee9dfc11 00000000fffffffe 000001d69cbe3858 : ntdll!RtlpWaitOnCriticalSection+0xa6
    000000a31b2ff150 00007ffbee9bb440 : 0000000000000008 000000006cc77979 000001d68bcc7cd0 0000000000000002 : ntdll!RtlpEnterCriticalSectionContended+0x1a6
    000000a31b2ff1b0 00007ffbbd8a1767 : 000001d6889017f8 0000000000000021 000001d68b8b5bf0 000000006cefca18 : ntdll!RtlEnterCriticalSection+0x40
    000000a31b2ff1e0 00007ffbbd942442 : 000001d68bcc7cd0 0000000000000000 fffffffffffffffe 000001d680000000 : qsqlite!qt_plugin_query_metadata+0x1b977
    000000a31b2ff210 00007ffbbd8831ee : 0000000000000019 000000a31b2ff2b9 000001d69cbe37a0 000001d68b8b5bf0 : qsqlite!qt_plugin_query_metadata+0xbc652
    000000a31b2ff240 00007ffbbd882b71 : 000001d688db41b0 000000006cefca18 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 : qsqlite+0x31ee
    000000a31b2ff320 000000006ea73044 : 000001d600000000 000000a31b2ff5d0 000000006cefca18 000000006cefca18 : qsqlite+0x2b71
    000000a31b2ff4c0 000000006ea713fb : 000000a31b2ff5d0 000000a31b2ff7a0 0000000000000000 000001d68bb5c080 : Qt5Sql!QSqlQuery::previous+0x274
    000000a31b2ff540 000000006ea850b3 : 000001d68bb5c080 000000a31b2ff670 0000000000000000 000001d69cb03360 : Qt5Sql!QSqlQuery::QSqlQuery+0x4b
    000000a31b2ff570 00007ff73d8b69eb : 000001d69ca45660 000001d69cb03360 000001d68bb5c080 0000000000000000 : Qt5Sql!QSqlTableModel::select+0x73

    • Additional Information.
      EXCEPTION_RECORD: (.exr -1)
      ExceptionAddress: 00007ffbee9a72a6 (ntdll!RtlpWaitOnCriticalSection+0x00000000000000a6)
      ExceptionCode: c0000005 (Access violation)
      ExceptionFlags: 00000000
      NumberParameters: 2
      Parameter[0]: 0000000000000001
      Parameter[1]: 0000000000000024
      Attempt to write to address 0000000000000024


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    @celina-Lee I don't think anybody will be able to help if you do not post related code.

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