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How to add command bar in QAXWidget for MSWord

  • I want to display MSWord appliction on QAXWidget I have tried this way

    WordDocument=new QAxWidget ("Word.Document", this);
    WordDocument-> setGeometry (QRect (0, 0, this->width(), this->height()));
    // WordDocument->setContentsMargins(100,100,100,20);
    // qDebug()<<WordDocument->setProperty("ShowControls", QVariant(true, 0));
    // WordDocument->querySubObject("CommandBars");
    // WordDocument->show();
    //qDebug() << WordDocument->generateDocumentation();

    It is displaying wordapplication on my window but without commandbar , menu bar , toolbar.
    Please provide sample code if one have ..I have tried many ways by adding setproperty method, dynamiccall,querysubobject but do not succeed .
    I cant find any detail documentation and example on qt documentation about this

    thank you in advance !

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