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Maintenance tool - major problems

  • I'm hoping for some help here. This is the second time this has happened to me now in the last year. I went to upgrade QtCreator on my home laptop using the Maintenance Tool. I received an error from the maintenance tool part-way through the download saying "not enough memory" when pulling some zip/archive. I have no idea why it would say that since I have 16GB of RAM with only half that in use and plenty of disk space. I could not get past this error, so I cancelled the upgrade of QtCreator.

    After cancelling the upgrade, it walked back the progress bar and I tried to restart the upgrade. Now all it tells me is there is nothing to upgrade.

    Moreover, I no longer have QtCreator. The folder seems to exist, but I can't open it to see if any bin folder is there. There is nothing in my start menu related to QtCreator.

    How do I get the maintenance tool back to a sane state so that I can either use what I used to have, or better download the latest: 4.12.0?

    This is extremely frustrating!

    p.s. The last time this happened I believe I had to completely re-install Qt. I really want to avoid that if possible.

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