New Android SDK and Windows Compatibility Release

  • Do any of you know when the new version of android sdk will be compatible with QT?

    I tried getting it to work for about 3 days with no success; that is due to the folder-structure for the new version of Android SDK, which changed so much.


    You can see that I have configured it correctly with the old version of SDK (annoying with the lack of support), however...


    I can't add a compiler because it is grayed out. (same for both android options).


    There you can even see I have an android compiler on my computer.

    Please let me know what I must do to make this work. I find the lack of support very frustrating. Compare this to Qt on apple and developing for iOS where you just install and it all runs as you would expect, you don't need some legacy version of XCode to make Qt work in that case, nor do you need to make any other modifications to hotfix it yourself.

    I don't need a solution immediately, so if you reply with something like "Support is coming in 6 months", then I'll just make a note for myself to check back then. I have plenty of other work I can be doing in the meantime. Thanks for the help.

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