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Trying to build QMYSQL plug in, can't locate REIMP.EXE

  • The pinned post "How to create the plugin of MYSQL for Qt" describes using "REIMP.EXE", in addition to other posts such as "https://forum.qt.io/topic/109249/library-mysql-is-not-defined".

    Do I understand correctly that this is expected to be a part of the distribution of "msysgit"?

    I searched for "msysgit" in order to download and install it, but found that it has been superseded by "Git for Windows". I did download and install "Git for Windows", but I did not find the utility "reimp.exe" in the replacement product.

    I did find the source code for "reimp.exe", but was unable to compile it (I'm a Python greenhorn developer and a complete know-nothing when it comes to c/c++)

    My question is: What is the path of least resistance to obtaining an executable version of this utility so I can proceed with this solution?

    My environment details:
    Windows 10 Pro OS, 64-bit
    Community release of MySQL 8.0.19, 64-bit
    Python 3.8.2 64-bit
    Qt 5.14.2 64-bit

    At this point in time, I get as far as
    qmake -- MYSQL_INCDIR="C:/mysql/include" MYSQL_LIBDIR="C:/mysql/lib"
    and I find the following error in config.log

    main.o:main.cpp:(.text.startup+0xc): undefined reference to `mysql_get_client_version@0'

    I believe I have verified that I am using the 64 bit qmake :
    C:\Users\gab10>qmake -v
    QMake version 3.1
    Using Qt version 5.14.2 in C:/Qt/Qt5.14.2/5.14.2/mingw73_64/lib

    Many thanks!

  • Never mind, gave up on 64-bit and built 32-bit instead.

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