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QtCreator: Alt + E shortcut doesn't work

  • Hi,
    I want to set shortcut Alt + E to delete line in QtCreator. So I set it:
    But it doesn't work. When I pres it, the edit context menu is opened.
    Any idea, how to fit ix?

  • Hey, try this

    Search shortcuts for "Edit" and if you find, it should have the shortcuts Alt+P, Alt+E
    Try edit and remove Alt+E so that there is no duplicates and check if your shortcut works then.

  • No, my "Edit" doesn't have any shortcut set. And if I try to set something, it doesn't help.

    I discovered, this is problem only when language of Qt Creator is set to English. In other languages everything works fine.

    It feels like in English "Alt+E" is default shortcut for Edit and cannot be removed. Similarly "Alt+F" is shortcut for File and I can't remove it neither. Or can be in your Qt Creator?

    My Qt Creator is 4.11.2, English, Linux.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi @Tarae,

    as the mnemonic are fixed in the menu, I don't think it's possible to use Alt+E as your shortcut, except you take Qt Creators source code, modify the menu and recompile yourself.


  • I solved it by creating qt creator plugin that contains qt_set_sequence_auto_mnemonic(false).

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