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QStackedBarSeries to show count on top of Bar

  • Hello

    I'm using QStackedBarSeries to display multiple bars using QChartView.
    But want to display a count of a bar on the top of the bar.

    class QAbstractBarSeries // has below methods which use to set label position:
    enum LabelsPosition {
            LabelsCenter = 0,
    void setLabelsPosition(QAbstractBarSeries::LabelsPosition position);

    Tried above method to set position and it works but the option LabelsOutsideEnd is not working for me (which I think it helps to set label over the bar). I don't understand why it's not working?

    Please check the enums on qabstractbarseries

    For below attachment, I have tried option LabelsInsideEnd

    Or is there any option to set labels over (outside top) the bars?

  • Ahh, I got it.

    It is because the color of label is white and the outside color of the bar is also white and that hiding it on the chart. I found this by changing the theme of the chart.

    Now the question is can I change the color of that lable count ?

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