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Phonon does not play radio streams on windows, gives me fatal error :: 0x80040240

  • Hi, to all. I have a strange problem with phonon on windows.

    When I try to play a radio stream (ex. i get this fatal error:

    0x80040240, The media type of this file is not recognized.

    Note: If the stream url starts with mms:// i get: Source filter could not be found/loaded (0x80040241)
    Note: If the stream url starts with mmsh:// i get: Unkonwn error (0x800c000d).
    Note: the radio stream plays fine with windows media player, vlc, e.t.c.
    Note: the app plays fine the mp3,wav e.t.c. Only the streams have problem.

    You can test it by yourselves by using the qmusic example.

    In the

    @ //![0]

    add before the closing tag


    the above:

    @ mediaObject->setCurrentSource(QUrl("http://STREAM_URL"));

    (Replace STREAM_URL with: a radio stream of your choice)

    And run app.

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