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Which Qt application do I need to buy?

  • We are developing graphics code for an LCD touchscreen.
    The LCD supplier supports the use of Qt Creator.
    Out former software developer (SD) upgraded to something else.
    Same SD then moved far away and is unavailable for any support.
    We need to know what application he used, so that we may start using his old code.
    All we know is, the folder of his code is labeled Qt QML Graphics.

    Any insights that you may offer, are GREATLY appreciated. )

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    You can start with the FOSS version (or trial) of Qt, get it from qt.io/downloads. Then open that code in Qt Creator and see if it compiles.

    From what you write I suspect that this is about an embedded device, so in the end you'll probably have to buy Qt Commercial license (unless you can satisfy LGPL or GPL requirements). But you priority for now should be just to run the code.

    If you run into any problems, please post more info here, it's hard to guess anything more right now.

  • @sierdzio Hey there, thank you kindly for the thoughtful attention to my request )

    Perhaps an important addition, the Qt Creator environment that we originally used (supported by LCD supplier) included three folders in the compiler: components, images and js.

    The files that the new unknown compiler generates does not include any of these folders (assuming that the former SD gave us all of the files).

    But then, when I look at the code, there is an "include components" line that makes me suspect that the folders did exist, they simply were not shared by the former SD.

    I'll post the errors that I get, and some of the code.

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