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How to tack than issues with QT-MinGW exe files?

  • I know it is a general question ... but I can't wrap my head around it and my searches didn't help me what so ever.

    So, here is the story ... I am building an application with QT-MinGW 32bit (Qt_5_12\Tools\mingw730_32\bin) on a Windows 10 machine (64bit)...

    The output exe file is pretty large around 140mb in some build configurations because I have to statically link with some large binary resources (.o files). The exe doesn't run if I link large .o files with it....

    otherwise it crashes with no error messages and I have no idea how possibly I could track down the issue as there is no output showing on command prompt... (of course my knowledge of Windows 10 is not expert level)

    Any clue is much appreciate it. - thx Mike


    I guess the issue has to do with the way I make the binary object resources to be linked with the application:

    ld -r -b binary -o output-file.o intput-resource-file.mat

    Is there anything wrong with this?

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