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onPushButton(Login Button), code redirects to mainWindow where my main UI will be.

  • I am wondering how I can redirect my code into mainWindow.cpp where my main program will be located after the user clicks on the "login" button(onPushButtonClick). Currently when the user pushes the button it opens the second widget but it stays at the smaller size equivalent to the login window, so how can I redirect the code in mainWindow UI so after they click "login" it opens a new window at the correct size as my MainWindow.ui.

    alt text

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    Do you mean to put the MainWindow into a stacked widget ?
    So instead of being a window, it goes inside ?

    It sounds like you want to show it as normal ( as a big window) so why put it inside the stacked window`?

  • @mrjj So inside the MainWindow there will be different pages they can access, wouldnt I need to do a stacked widget for this?

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