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What components do I need to install?

  • I'm new to programming and UI development so please bear with me. I run Windows 10 64-bit with Python3 and would love to use Qt Creator for UI development for Windows and Android applications, but I'm not sure what components I would require for this. I have already install PySide2 using pip install. Can somebody help me out? Can I continue with the default components selected in the installer?

    Thank you.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    AFAIK, you can't run python applications as is on Android.

    You should rather install Qt for C++ with both desktop and Android variants using the online installer.

  • So what components are required if I only want to create Desktop Applications?

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    If you mean PySide2, just install Python3 and then you can use pip to install PySide2.

  • Yes, I have done that. But should I just continue with the default components in the Qt Creator installer?

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    There's nothing special you have to install. PySide2 is ready to use as it is.

  • @Big-Garlic-Bread have you already looked at this introduction of Qt for Python?

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    @Big-Garlic-Bread note you can use PySide2 as suggested by SGaist or you can use PyQt5. However if you not making a commercial product you plan to sell I would strongly suggest PyQt5 over PySide2 because PySide2 is seriously lagging as they still have elements of Qt4 within their code where PyQt5 is completely up to date -- note the big difference in PySide2 and PyQt5 beyond this is that some of PySide2 is LGPL and most (if not all) of PyQt5 is just GPL but both come from the Qt5 parent which is in C++

    Lastly if you would like extensive help learning Python-Qt you can post questions here as usual or you can PM me as I run a free online lab-classroom for Python-Qt while also posting here extensively answering Python-Qt question even though some Trolls have targeted me here and have been down voting just about every post I make. However there is a ray of hope in here as the owner of the forum is looking into this Trolling issue and perhaps may come up with a solid answer to root out these trolls and ban them from this forum permanently

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