Performance issues animating hundreds of OpenGL shapes

  • Hi!
    I am doing some tweening to animate OpenGL shapes in a QOpenGLWindow, but then I have between 100 and 10000 objects that I need to animate.

    I've used QPropertyAnimation, so far, but the rendering is very, very slow. There is some stuttering in the render, and it seems to use a lot of CPU. Should I use a lower-level approach instead? Is it the fact that I am using Qt properties or the rate of the update of the numbers, that make it slow? Also, I am using one QPropertyAnimation for the x position and another one for the y position of the objects. Maybe I should merge them, or so.

    Here is some of my code: - this link might not be valid anymore in the future, but you might be able to find a similar file name in the same repository under a different branch.

    Instead of using QPropertyAnimation - which is quite high-level, I could use:

    • a single QTimer for all the groups of object that need to be animated;
    • a QEasingCurve for each property to animate

    Would it be more performant this way?


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