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Graph in iMX6

  • I wanted to develop graphs for one of my applications running in an iMX6 device.
    I tried running the sample SceneGraph/Graph application available in Qt 5.6 Examples and found it to be relevant for my usecase. Tried running this application in my iMX6 target and I get a 'SIGABRT' and on remote debugging , I find the SIGABRT happening in QSGSimpleMaterialShader, with the error message

            qFatal("QSGSimpleMaterialShader does not implement 'uniform highp mat4 %s;' in its vertex shader",)

    Does this have any dependency that it cannot run in my target device ?

  • I don't have an iMX6 or the environment but if you could try using OpenGL-ES, ANGLE or perhaps VULKAN ?

    As you are doing device dev, are you commercial, I'd call support for this as they are in their element for this sort of stuff... and you're already paying for it.

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