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Clearing a QSharedPointer pointed by QSharedPointer and QWeakPointer.

  • In the following code,

    int *pI = new int(9);//memory allocated
    QSharedPointer<int> pI1(pI);//shared pointer pointing to pI
    QWeakPointer<int> pI2 = pI1;//weak pointer pointing to pI
    qDebug()<<*pI; //prints 9 - no segmentation fault
    qDebug()<<pI2.isNull(); // evaluates to true
    qDebug()<<pI1.isNull(); //evaluates to true

    why I am able to dereference *pI.Won't shared pointer delete it from heap after pI1.clear()?

  • Moderators

    It may be deleted, but the data is still there. You're accessing "dead" memory.

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