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Create dummy MouseEvent in QML

  • I have in my application a MouseArea for screensaver functionality:

        MouseArea {
            id: screenSaverTouchArea
            anchors.fill: parent
            onPressed: {
                var consumeEvent = false // Set to true to prevent propagation of touch
                . . . screen saver functionality . . .
                if (condition) {
                    . . . 
                    // Don't propagate touch here
                    consumeEvent = true
                . . .
                mouse.accepted = consumeEvent  // Set to false to propagate this event down

    mouse.accepted is set based on whether I want the event to propagate down or not. Now I would also like the screen to be awakened from a different non-touch event in my app. The easiest way would be to call screenSaverTouchArea.onPressed() when that event happens:

    function ssOnEvent() {

    But that results in Error: Insufficient arguments. Is there a way to create a dummy MouseEvent in QML with some off-screen x/y touch coordinates and call the onPressed handler with that as the argument?

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