QWebEngineUrlRequestInterceptor cause webview crash

  • Hi,
    Today, I found my webView crashed the reason was because I delete QWebEngineUrlRequestInterceptor

    my interceptor is:

    #include "WebViewOrderInterceptor.h"
    #include <QUrl>
    #include <QUrlQuery>
    #include <QDebug>
    WebViewOrderInterceptor::WebViewOrderInterceptor(QObject *parent)
    	: QWebEngineUrlRequestInterceptor(parent)
    #ifdef QT_DEBUG
    	qDebug() << __FUNCTION__;
    void WebViewOrderInterceptor::interceptRequest(QWebEngineUrlRequestInfo &info)
    	QUrl url = info.requestUrl();
    	if (url.path().contains("_____tmd_____/verify")) {
    		emit verifyRequired();

    and the code where used interceptor is:

            WebViewOrderInterceptor* interceptor = new WebViewOrderInterceptor(webview);

    after I change the parent of interceptor from webview to 'this',
    the webview did not crash,
    but when i want to delete interceptor by calling interceptor->deleteLater() from 'this' Object after webview was closed and destoryed,
    the crash happend again.

    I noticed the document says

    Registers a request interceptor singleton interceptor to intercept URL requests.

    Does this means I just need only one interceptor for all webview.
    And because of I build a interceptor for every webview, so when I delete interceptor, the webview will crash?

  • Hey!
    I had a very similar problem where my application crashed when I tried to delete the interceptor (see https://stackoverflow.com/questions/59631239/qwebengine-deleting-qwebengineurlrequestinterceptor-results-in-crash)

    I did not have multiple webviews but multiple webpages, where I always created a new interceptor. It was sufficient to only use one interceptor.

    Hope this helps!

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