Passing target directory from QT Installer to the Application

  • I am planning to deploy my application to macOS and Windows. Upon reading the documentation of QT Installer Framework, I understand that I can provide a default installation path in the config xml which the user can overwrite.

    In my application, I want to generate license files based on the installation path decided by the user. Hence, I need to have the installation path selected by the user passed to the application.

    Is there a way that I can get the target installation directory selected by the user in the application.


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    Just thinking out loud here.
    Do you really need to pass the path to your app?

    in your app
    qDebug() << "App path : " << qApp->applicationDirPath();

    should tell you where 'you' were installed.
    So if the license files are not there, then you can read the path and generate it on the first run.

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    One thing to take into account: if installed properly, you won't be able to write anything in the application folder as their location shall be read-only and on macOS you shall not modify the application bundle content. You should rather store the license file in an application specific storage path provided by QStandardPaths.

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    A very good point that might also hold true for other platforms as well.
    Also, care should be taken that the location used for "generate license "
    is not affected by the user changing the Os language after app is installed.

  • @mrjj said in Passing target directory from QT Installer to the Application:

    A very good point that might also hold true for other platforms as well.

    Depending, if you do a "proper" install under Windows it will go into \Program Files ... and under Linux into /usr/.... Neither of which are writeable by your average user, so this is not just a Mac issue :)

  • @SGaist @mrjj When I check the writable locations available on macOS with QStandardPaths, I only get user specific path :
    "/Users/faisalkhan/Library/Application Support/Fairlinx/RapidFSM/"

    Which tells me that the files would not be available system wide : To other users.

    QStandardPaths with AppDataLocation shows a system wide path such as:
    "/Library/Application Support/Fairlinx/RapidFSM/" as non-writable path.

    Any workaround you would suggest to write the files to the later location.


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    You have to request higher privileges from your user to be able to write there.

  • @SGaist Thanks.

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