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Setting boundingRect() for a custom QGraphicsObject drawn using mouse

  • I want to draw a custom rectangle when dragged using a mouse events. Since i need additional features like resizing the rectangle, contextMenuEvents() and other stuff, i subclassed QGraphicsObject and overriden pure virtual functions. Moreover, i have a subclassed QGraphicsScene which handles mouse events.

    What do i want:

    To be able to draw custom rectangle when mouse events are triggered on QGraphicsScene. Like left mouse button->drag.
    Drawing it simply using QGraphicsRectItem works fine.


    How to set boundingRect() of my custom rectangle and paint() or update the rectangle as the mouse moves on the QGraphicsScene?

    Currently, i have an empty subclassed RectItem. Which looks like this:

    RectItem::RectItem(QObject* parent) :
    QRectF RectItem::boundingRect() const
          // how to set bounding rect when rectangle is drawn dynamically using mouse?
    void RectItem::paint(QPainter* painter, const QStyleOptionGraphicsItem* option, QWidget* widget)
         // how to update paint() and show a rectangle to the user?

    How to implement both boundingRect() and paint()?

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