Does Qt 4.7.4 or Qwt 6.0.0 include any form of sparklines?

  • Subject line pretty much says it all.

    Can anyone confirm for me, that the answer to this question is--my suspicion-- 'no'?

    I'm working on a SUSE Linux application written using Qt 4.7.4, with Qwt 6.0.0 on the side (this is what my employer provides/uses, and I regret there is no option to upgrade) and expecting to face a request from management very soon, that sparklines be provided as part of a dialog which summarizes data logged from a sensor.

    It's a matter of making the feature I'm coding look as much as possible like one we wrote 7-8 years ago, to provide a set of monitoring tools for these sensors...the application in use at that stage was written in Java and ran on HP-UX. Useless now that we're recreating the monitoring tools for a new incarnation of the application, written in C++ with Qt/Qwt for the GUIs.

    Searching around, I see no references to sparklines that don't involve Excel (not part of this application's environment), no mentions of them anywhere in any Qt version documentation I've seen, and not even any mentions of them any more, relating to Java.

    Any thoughts on any packages that might be useful, if we get told to roll our own?

    Thanks for any suggestions which may be out there...

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  • @Christian-Ehrlicher No idea at this point, but if that seems like a possibility, thanks, and I'll certainly dig into it. We're all Qwt newbies here, unfortunately.

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