What's the proper way to bisect qtbase on windows?

  • I'd like to know what's the proper way to bisect qtbase in order to find bugs without having to do cold builds over and over. Right now my extremely unefficient workflow to find qtbase bugs looks like this:

    1. I find a bug and I create a mcve
    2. I start bisecting
    3. I'll delete the current build folder (no ccache on windows), I'll configure and build again
    4. Test and if i didn't find the bad guy I'll back to 3)

    As you may notice using this method is extremely slow/painful and not practical at all, on win7/msvc2017 using /j8 with no tests/examples each iteration is taking me ~1500s!!! That's nuts!

    That said, I'm probably doing something clearly wrong here... so could you please advice to speed up the bug hunting?

    Thanks in advance.

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