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  • I am wondering: is there some way to configure when the indexer service of Qt Creator runs? I find that it hinders me in my work by just starting to run at random moments, blocking all other interaction. That is not nice if you're in a flow and try to get something done... I understand that the indexer needs to run occasionally, but I don't want it blocking my work. How about it starts if I have not been active for a small while, or just in the background in a new thread, or while I am in a testrun (and thus not editing the code)?

  • I didn't notice some random indexing so far. I noticed it starting after opening a project (or a session) and after saving (or touching) a .pro or .pri file - which both seem reasonable points for me.

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    Nope, the indexer is run whenever the list of files in a project might have changed. This includes editing existing pro/pri files as well as switching buildconfigurations, etc.

  • Would it be possible to have this indexer not block my interaction with Creator? I find it quite annoying to have to wait for creator to finish whatever it is doing...

  • There is no magic indexer, not even one that needs to be run occasionally. If nobody touches your project files, nothing happens. If something happens and you haven't touched your project files my guess would be that somebody or something else touched your project files. Do you have some kind of indexing service, virus scanner etc running?

  • I don't know, this is a company system, so who knows what is running on those?
    I understand the indexer is not magical, it was just for me not clear what triggered it. However, my main point is, why does the indexer block my interaction with Creator? It gets in the way sometimes. I try to do something, nothing happens, and then my eye falls on the Indexer progressing on the side somewhere and I deduct I have to wait untill that is finished. That is just not great UX.

  • From your comments I'd guess the your talking about the profile evaluator, which is typically triggered when you edit the .pro/.pri file or change build options (as Tobias pointed). But to make sure, could you please verify what's written on you on progress bar (bottom-left corner) when such locks happen?

    Anyway you're right, it should not block your interaction.

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    Strangely, this has also happened to me a few times recently. I was not modifying anything in .pri/ .pro; build options also remained untouched. UI froze for a moment (I think "Indexing" was written on the progress bar).

  •  I have this problem too. I'll be right in the middle of typing something out, not saving or anything else, nothing else going on in the background, but still, keypresses get blocked by that annoying 'indexing' box that pops up in the bottom right-hand corner. 
     It seems it always shows up at the worst time too. First off I cant figure out why you would want to block the user from typing, second, why in the middle of typing when it could wait perhaps after a couple seconds of inactivity, which wouldn't be so bad... but still, why?
     I'm not running anything else, i dont touch my pro file at all during these times (if ever), and I do not change my includes once i initially set them, this happens when typing inside a function even if it is a comment, which just seems strange and wrong.
     I've confirmed this behavior to be present since 2.7.1 all the way up to what i'm using now, which is 3.0.1. and  have also tried to keep only one document open at a time but it makes no difference. Perhaps this has something to do with the automatic file backup or something?
     If i figure this out, i'll post back, since I haven't really checked into it extensively but since others have this problem too, maybe I will. If I find a bug, I'll report it. *PS: Tried to split this up into paragraphis, not sure if the editor will allow me to do this, so don't blame me if it's all run together.*

    Thanks, O
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    osirisgothra: Please do open a new thread and do not post in response to threads that are more than a couple of days old:-)

    Please also consider to file a bug report at https://bugreports.qt-project.org/ . Those do get developer attention, which is happens here in the forum only by accident;-)

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