Building version 5.212.0 alpha4

  • Hi,

    I am trying to build QtWebKit v5.212.0-alpha4 and I have been able to do so without any problems on Linux and on macOS, although for the build to succeed on macOS, I had to edit Source/JavaScriptCore/jsc.cpp by replacing:

    bool isReachableFromOpaqueRoots(Handle<JSC::Unknown> handle, void*, SlotVisitor& visitor) override


    bool isReachableFromOpaqueRoots(JSC::Handle<JSC::Unknown> handle, void*, SlotVisitor& visitor) override

    On Windows, however, I am struggling while I used to be able to build previous versions of QtWebKit without any problems.

    Basically, I am building QtWebKit as an external project within my CMake project (see here) and, on Windows, I provide a prebuilt version of third-party libraries needed to build QtWebKit (see here). However, when trying to build QtWebKit that way, on Windows, it fails at the configuation stage (see here). As we can see (here for example) things like:

    CMake Error at C:/Qt/5.12.7/msvc2017_64/lib/cmake/Qt5Core/Qt5CoreMacros.cmake:211 (configure_file):
      configure_file Problem configuring file
    Call Stack (most recent call first):
      C:/Qt/5.12.7/msvc2017_64/lib/cmake/Qt5Core/Qt5CoreMacros.cmake:281 (_QT5_PARSE_QRC_FILE)
      tests/webkitwidgets/CMakeLists.txt:56 (qt5_add_resources)

    Line 211 in C:\Qt\5.12.7\msvc2017_64\lib\cmake\Qt5Core\Qt5CoreMacros.cmake is about copying a file:

    configure_file("${infile}" "${out_depends}" COPYONLY)

    Now, if I put the following trace just before the call to configure_file():

    message(">>> ${infile} ---> ${out_depends}")

    Then, for the above error message, I get the following trace:

    >>> C:/Users/Alan/Desktop/OpenCOR/ext/QtWebKit/tests/webkitwidgets/hybridPixmap/tst_hybridPixmap.qrc ---> C:/Users/Alan/Desktop/OpenCOR/build/ext/Build/QtWebKitBuild/tests/webkitwidgets/hybridPixmap/C:/Users/Alan/Desktop/OpenCOR/build/ext/Build/QtWebKitBuild/tests/webkitwidgets/hybridPixmap/tst_hybridPixmap.qrc.depends

    So, yes, it's no surprise that configure_file() fails.

    Just before the call to configure_file() there is a call to qt5_make_output_file():

    qt5_make_output_file("${infile}" "" "qrc.depends" out_depends)

    I guess I could investigate further (and may have to!), but has anyone come across that issue before?...

    Cheers, Alan.

  • Qt 5.12.7 contains a bug which is fixed in 5.12.8

  • @Konstantin-Tokarev said in Building version 5.212.0 alpha4:

    Qt 5.12.7 contains a bug which is fixed in 5.12.8

    Great, thanks a lot for the pointer, Konstantin!

    I understand that Qt 5.12.8 is to be released on 31 March, so that's good although I might patch my copy of Qt 5.12.7, as I need this fixed now.

  • FWIW, I applied the changes for src/corelib/Qt5CoreMacros.cmake as shown in, and I am now able to build QtWebKit just fine. Thanks again Konstantin!

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