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Seeking in-app QT5 virtual keyboard example (widget based).

  • Folks,
    Back yet again on my QT4 -> QT5 port. Now its the virtual keyboard(s) we use. In QT 4, we have an compiled into app virtual keyboard, implemented with QInputContext (and using the QApplication::setInputContext function). Now I know those are all obsolete and not in QT5, so I am seeing if there are any good current examples of QWidget use of virtual keyboards (all I seem to find search is QML based usage).
    I am hoping with a decent example I can use to help reengineer out virtual keyboards to work well with the new QT5 version of our applications.

    Dale Pennington

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    KDAB has several articles related to QInoutMethod that will likely interest you.

    Start with

  • Yep, I looked at those, even downloaded the sample code, but it seems to be built as a non-embedded keyboard (i.e. the keyboard is a separate server that communicates via DBus). I would rather not have a separate keyboard server app. He implies it can be done, but says it is not as interesting.
    Also, I assume my real app loads the plugin for use, but what sort of work does that take ?


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    This excellent article shows how to create an in-app virtual keyboard. Granted its a QML keyboard but it shows the basics that should keep you going.

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