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Qt Quick Tutorial Help please

  • Hi I am a complete newbie to QtQuick and looking for an excellent tutorial.

    Under I have found Qt Quick Application Developer Guide for Desktop. The tutorial is excellent except that the example was written back in 2013 before a lot of modules were deprecated

    Has anyone updated this example for Qt 5.14 or at least the handle the removal Of QtDeclarative modules?

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    Check out the QML book

  • I just did and it is a lot of substance about nothing. It is just like most developer guides that teach you in detail taking days to really have no real understanding of actual applications or an example you can keep coming back to. Regardless of all the prettiness of bouncing balls, graphical animation, video editing, the majority of applications of use to main businesses. Please tell me there is more to Qt Quick and QML then that

    The tutorial ticks all the boxes, being a quick reference without having to wade through hundreds of pages. I was hoping in 7 years someone may have taken the initiative to update the example files. Maybe I will look at that after get a better understanding.

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    Please do as that book is actually the best we got so far and
    I never found any other book that was better.

    Also as soon as you start to make a real biz application where animation and interface is less important than
    the actual data processing, you will find that
    becomes the reference and a tutorial with a more beginner friendly
    learning curve would be golden. (IMHO)

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