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Get bool result of qButton when this is pressed

  • Hello, i need help to obtain the boolean result in a if conditional of a button state.

    I have a var called restart, and i need to save a bolean value when i press the button, if is pressed i will save true, if it´s not pressed i will save false.

    I need that, because i'm sending in the constructor the value of restart, and i need to capture the moment when is true, becuase later when I release the button the value will be false.

    void MainWindow::on_btn_restart_pressed()
    myOGLW = new MyOpenGLWidget(m_sB,k_sB,b_sB,t_cB,pauser,restart,opc);

    I hope that can you help whit this!!

  • @Isidro-Perla

    Use signals & slots to send a signal to your MyOpenGLWidget which will cause a restart.

    Something like this (in your MainWindow)

    connect(ui->pushbutton_restart, &QPushButton::clicked, myOGLW, &MyOpenGLWidget::restart);

    Then, make your widget reset / restart itself (in myOpenGLWidget class)

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