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QT 4 sw implicit copy constructor deprecated

  • Hi Guys!
    I am writing a program in QT4, which reads a text file about shoe shop administrations and stock. i program it without QT Creator. I use
    System gdb.
    Something like this:
    The problem is that my qt is complaining about
    implicitly declared copyconstructor ... (from qstyleoption.h)
    implicitly declared operator= ... (from qstyleoption.h)

    Could you help me?
    I have another problem, then Systemgdb says,
    he doesn't know the std library., so my debugging fails
    Thanks for Your Help!

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @Thisdave said in QT 4 sw implicit copy constructor deprecated:

    qt is complaining

    Not Qt is complaining here but the compiler.
    Why Qt4?! It reached and of life long time ago and I guess you're using a quite up-to-date compiler?

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