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Does QFileSystemWatcher support subdirectories yet?

  • Does QFileSystemWatcher support watching directories and everything underneath them yet? Not looking for a hack... I know the Win API supports it with a simple flag passed to ReadDirectoryChangesW. Thanks!

  • Implementation of such a function (supporting recursion) could be very intensive depending upon tree depth and type filesystem used. Something about generically implementing the feature bothers my sensibilities. While the docs are not specific, I would highly doubt it. Remember that windoze only supports a small number of filesystem types. Linux supports many.

  • Thanks Kent. Time to go with Win API.

  • @Crag_Hack
    Or reevaluate whether your intented use is a good idea in the first place. In my experience, having to find work-arounds often means you are going down a path you should not even be pursuing. LOL

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