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QDockWidgets within a QDockWidget

  • I have a pretty good idea what the answer to this question is going to be but I thought I'd ask anyway. :-)

    In the application I'm designing, I would like to put two QDockwidget inside of a third QDockWidget. I'm wondering if this is remotely possible.

    The desire is to have MasterDock which contains DockA ( list of items) and DockB ( which would contain an editor for a selected item from DockA). The users would like to move the DockB around while restricting it's position; forcing it to remain Tied to Dock A. At the same time they'd like the option of hiding DockB when it isn't needed.

    The current model is to have the editor shown, next to the item list, but it's felt that this method is too restrictive, in terms of application UI real estate.

    Any thoughts on if this can be done?


  • Could you maybe create a mockup that shows your requirements a bit clearer? I use Balsamiq Mockup to sketch them.

  • Feeling a little dense. I don't have anywhere to post the mock up I made and can't see how to attach the file to this post. What am I missing?


  • Qt forums do not offer upload facilities for images. You will need to use a third party service to host your images. There are plenty. Personally, I use the public folder of my DropBox for image hosting for devnet.

  • Okay, I got this uploaded hopefully the link works as advertised. It's just a quick and dirty mock up. On the left is a 'master dock widget'. I'd like for the two sections within to be docks that can be re-arranged but only within the master dock widget.

    "nested QDockWidget mockup":

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