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vStudio 2019, QtCreator set break causes crash

  • Hi folks,
    tried search for this issue across the web and was unable to find anything about this.

    Currently running on Windows 10 and have the vStudio 2019 pro installed to compile, link and run some Windows C++ code.

    During a run session of that code, when I press F9 to set/clear a break point, the program that I am debugging, closes and QtCreator closes/crashes. It also does the same when I set/clear a break point using the mouse. However, on a few occasions when I remove the break point where 'execution' is halted, I don't seem to get a crash.

    When I start up I do get several winrtrunner.exe no found - is that needed?

    I think I had the same problem on an old Win 7 machine, running vStudio 2017 , but I do not recall the issue with vStudio 2015.

    Has anyone else had this problem?

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