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Combobox Stays Active

  • I'm using PySide2 and have a few comboboxes written in a QML file, which are tied to variables in my python script. I've noticed that after changing the selection in the combobox, I need to "click out" of the combobox before I can click on anything else on my screen. This is especially annoying, as I have a button the user is supposed to click after using the comboboxes, and the user could easily think that the button has been pressed, when their click was simply "exiting" the combobox. I also have some textfields on this screen, and these work fine.

    Is this an issue with QML, or is this likely an issue with my Python code itself? I can share code, but there's a lot going on, and at this point I'm really looking to get pointed in the right direction her e.

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