QT App with SQLITE Database (Query max records ~512)

  • Is there a limit regarding a query that can be executed using the SQLITE driver? My query seems to stop at 511 rows (512 records I think) but not sure why as the query will return much higher results in the SQLITE database browser.

    Are there settings to overcome this?


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    There is no such a limitation, please show us some code.

  • Here's some example output:

    • Cleared expanded vector...cnt: 511
    • "SELECT CreatedDateTime, UserName, EventName, EventDetail FROM AuditLog ORDER BY CreatedDateTime DESC LIMIT 1500"
    • Running this same query in a DB browser returns more records.
    • Same database

    Also, the 5000 timeout was added because canFetchMore() was hanging.

    void SqlQueryModel::setQueryStr(const QString &qry){
        if(queryStr() == qry) {
        int lastRowCnt = -1;
        int timeOut = 0;
        while (canFetchMore() && (timeOut < 5000)) {
            if (rowCount() == lastRowCnt) {
            else {
                timeOut = 0;
                lastRowCnt = rowCount();
        int i;
        for(i=0; i < this->rowCount(); ++i) {
            Expanded.insert(i, false);
        qDebug() << "Cleared expanded vector...cnt: " << i;
        qDebug() << queryStr();
        emit queryStrChanged();

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    It's QSqlQueryModel which has an internal pagination. Search the forum for QSqlQueryModel and you will find some threads about this.

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