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QPlatformDialogHelper, QFileDialogOptions, and setSideBarUrls

  • I am using private headers to build custom dialog for QtQuick. In order to get a file dialog that does what we want we had to go down this route. Anyway, I am trying to create custom Urls in the sidebar under Windows. I have tried this when creating the dialog, but it will not show custom urls:

    QPlatformDialogHelper m_dlgHelper;
    QFileDialogOptions m_options;
    QList<QUrl> urllist;
    // added various urls

    The dialog works otherwise. I cannot get the side bar urls I add to show up.

  • It doesn't look like there is a way to do custom sidebars in the QML versions of FileDialog:

    It is like sidebars have just been ignored in QML altogether.

    Is there a way to do a custom semi native looking dialog with QML? I think I need to reinvent the file dialogs we have.

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