Qt-based programs fail to start in 5120x1440

  • During summer I bought the new Samsung 49" ultrawide monitor that has a resolution of 5120x1440 and since then I have some trouble getting certain Qt-based programs to start.
    If I decrease the resolution to 3840x1080 they start just fine and if I then swap back to the native resolution of 5120x1440 they work fine as long as I don't close them.
    If I try to run either program from a terminal I get output about QPainter not being active and eventually it seg faults.

    The programs I've noticed I have problems with is VLC and KeepassXC. There might be other Qt-based programs that run fine but I haven't investigated other programs I use that run fine to figure out if they use Qt or not.

    As for OS, I'm running Manjaro with i3, all fully updated.
    I'm not sure if the troubles I'm having is due to a linux config problem or if these two programs have an initialization bug with certain resolutions.
    Also, not sure if it matters but the monitor defaults to 3840x1080 before I log in with my user, which I think is a config issue on my end.

    Any ideas about things I can try to fix this before I report a bug to the developers of these two programs?

  • @RonanTobias I don't have an answer for you, but I'm curious...do you have other apps that take advantage of the 5120 width?

  • @RonanTobias Virtualbox is another QT app that fails.

    There's a ticket but seemingly no action by the QT dev folks.


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