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[Moved] How to bundle local db with meego/symbian app?

  • Hi!

    I am new to meego/symbian app development.
    In my app I need to bundle book contents in the form of db within the app.
    I got to be successful in combining local db with app for symbian build using following code in main.cpp file, by changing path of local data in main.cpp file.

    @QDeclarativeEngine engine;
    QString customPath = "qml/OfflineStorage";

    QmlApplicationViewer viewer;
    QDir dir;
        //qDebug() << "Default path >> "+engine.offlineStoragePath();
        qDebug() << "New path >> "+engine.offlineStoragePath();

    Also declare following code in .pro file

    @folder_02.source = qml/OfflineStorage = qml
    DEPLOYMENTFOLDERS += folder_02

    addFiles.sources = qml/OfflineStorage/Databases/47044b67cbdfd6d20587378e42ed6a5f.sqlite
    addFiles.path = qml/OfflineStorage
    DEPLOYMENT += addFiles@

    Please do help me quickly as I could not get data on meego device.
    It always give error that table book does not exists, even on symbian it works fine with above mentioned path.

    Thank You

  • Try absolute path e:/qml/OfflineStorage.

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