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Item delegate sizeHint with style sheet

  • I'm using a subclassed QStyledItemDelegate to render html in a QTableView using a QTextDocument. I also have a stylesheet for my table that contains paddings and borders for each item. My delegate's sizeHint gets the QTextDocument's size similarly to QCommonStyle, but how do I adjust the size by the paddings to get the right total box size? QStyleSheetStyle uses QRenderRule to adjust the base size by paddings/margins/borders, but this information isn't part of the public API. As a result, my sizeHint is too small which can cause bleeding from one cell to the next when drawing. What is the right approach to get the total box size in my sizeHint?

  • Maybe I'm missing something but it's worth a try: if you copy the default implementation of QStyledItemDelegate::sizeHint (QStyledItemDelegatePrivate::widget(option) can trivially be replaced with option.widget) and just set opt.rect to the a rectangle with origin in 0,0 and size equal to your document size it should work.

  • @VRonin Thank you for your response. Unfortunately that won't help anything. My size hint returns exactly what the implementation of QStyledItemDelegate::sizeHint does in the case of no markup. However, with a style sheet that size is privately adjusted to account for style sheet margins, padding, and borders (see here). That information seems to be unavailable to manually adjust any subclassed sizeHint.

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