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How to blur everything below widget?

  • Hi, i am trying to blur whole layer of widgets, i mean, i want to create transparent label and blur effect on it which will be blurring everything below this label. Is it possible to do?

    I've done some QLabel animations with blur on it and jeez, how inefficient is it! 5 QLabels consume ~20% cpu. Why is it happening? Maybe putting on every QLabel blur is itself inefficient and there are other, better ways to do it? Thanks.


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    @IHatePython QWidgets are not meant for such heavy/fancy tasks.

    You should either use QML, QOpenGLWidget or the Graphics View Framework section of QWidgets

    Those will use the GPU for drawing wich will reduce the cost of blur dramatically as the cpu is not designed for this kind of task

  • Oh alright, in that case i will use Graphics View. Still no idea how to blur everything below some widget haha.

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