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QtCreator subdirs project structure: DLL use and packaging questions

  • Hoping to discover good practices for our Qt projects. We currently have separate exe and shared library QtCreator projects. In the exe project, we copy the shared libraries into the exe project. This means, we are paying a "copy-shared libraries" penalty every time we build the exe. Want to find a solution that works on all windows/unix platforms.

    Looks like QtCreator subdirs projects (with appropriate dependencies and include/lib paths) might be a good solution to prevent the copying of the shared libraries's during development running/debugging.

    I understand how to link/include the shared library files. How can I have the exe project just refer/use to the share- libraries in shared-library subdir projects at runtime without copying? Would like to have either the debug profile or release profile take effect in all the projects. This would allow the exe project to use the various shared libraries without copying them.


  • @JohnGa

    One option is the DESTDIR variable of qmake to be used with the dlls in their creation process.

  • @koahnig Thanks. This is a very good solution to my problem.

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