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Sending Audio stream on UDP

  • Hello,

    I have a simple UDP application. What it does is basically sending "1" every second (QTimer), nothing different than the examples. Is it possible to send Audio with QAudioInput and receiver to play incoming stream in real time?

    My first thought was to implement something like Whatsapp, where you hold the button to record your message, then save it to somewhere and send it through UDP. But it would be better to send the stream directly. Can anyone help?

  • First, there is no such thing as real-time in IP, regardless of what QOS is used. Second, you MUST fill a cache with samples on the recieving end and keep that cache from running empty if you don't want gaps in your audio. audio over UDP is not only possible, but is the usual way to do it...but, you MUST consider latency and non uniform time delay in the arrival of sample packets, and compensate by caching some samples.

    Looks like you are dending discrete short audio messages. Don't attempt to play the message until it has been completely received...and it won't be in real-time (per definition).

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