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windeployqt MSVC2017 Unable to find the platform plugin

  • Hi,
    I'm using Qt 5.14 on Windows10 and compiled my code (release and debug) with Desktop MSVC2017 compiler. It compiles and executes fine from Qt Creator. However, I then get an error when trying to deploy using windeployqt (using windeployqt.exe from msvc subdirectory of my Qt5.14 folder). It says "Unable to find the platform plugin". I already googled it, seems that there were issues when using mingw compiler and windeployqt, but I'm using MSVC... Any suggestions welcome as I have no clue...


  • Update:
    Seems most likely to be an 2017/2019 problem. Qt supports MSVC2017 compiler, but I had the 2019 compiler from Visual studio 2019 installation. Qt creator was showing a small warning symbol if you hover the mouse over the kit, but it was compiling fine (I read somewhere, that the 2019 compiler is downward compatible). So that's alright, but it wasn't possible to run windeployqt then.

    Now I installed Visual studio 2017 and can change the compiler in qt creator to msvc2017 (15.9.28307.1033). The warning symbol disappears and it compiles fine. I also re-installed qt and running windeployqt works fine now. Strange... (might also be the re-installation of qt, but I had this issue in 2 different machines...)

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