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Error QMYSQL Plugin on Windows

  • Hello to all!
    I mention that I have installed Qt 5.12.1 and I receive an error when I am trying to build QMYSQL plugin for Windows 10.
    The path to sql drivers is "c:\Qt\Qt5.12.1\5.12.1\mingw73_64\plugins\sqldrivers", and also the path to lib files is "c:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 8.0\lib"
    I opened a cmd window and typed the folowing c:\Qt\Qt5.12.1\5.12.1\mingw73_64\plugins\sqldrivers>qmake -- MYSQL_INCDIR=C:/MySQL/include "MYSQL_LIBDIR=C:/MYSQL/MySQL Server 8.0/lib/"
    Thank you!

  • Hi,
    two questions:

    1. have you read through the pinned thread about MySql plugin?
    2. You are building for 64bit, does download from Oracle is 64bit as well?

    It would be also useful to post error output...

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