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Does QT care about commercial Licensing?

  • I know several large multi million $ companies who use QT but do not pay the license fees. I have contacted QT and they seem not to care. When I contacted them about using the platform they told me I had to pay a large fee yearly.. It seems they do not care about enforcement, anyone have any ideas on this?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    This is mainly a Qt user forum so you are likely not going to get the answers you are looking for here as this forum is not monitored by The Qt Company people.

  • Note that Qt is an open-source software, and any person or company can leagally use it without paying anything, as long as they comply with license terms. This right does not at all depend on revenue amount.

    If you are aware of facts of LGPL or GPL violations done by particular company, it may be worth reporting (not on this forum, of course).

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