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How to change the text color in QTableView

  • Hi All

    I want to change the color of the text in some cells in QTableView.
    How to do this?

  • Check QItemDelegate::drawDisplay.

  • Rajveer, are you using a QTableView this time, or are you really using a QTableModel as you were in your last questions?

    In the latter case, you should check out setting the Qt::ForeGroundRole on the cell you want to color.
    QTableWidgetItem* myItem; //set it to the item you want to manipulate

    myItem->setForeground(QColor::fromRgb(255,0,0)); //make this item red.

    If you really have your own model, then you need to return this color as a variant from your data() method, but I doubt you are doing that.

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