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ComboBox Max Amount of Items?

  • I am stuck in a pickle here. I have a QComboBox that has quite a few items (say 17-20 items).

    If the screen resolution on the Linux system is 1024x768, and the combo box expands past the screen, does the user have no ability to see the items on the end of the drop down?

    Can there be a scroll built in to the combo box drop down if the screen is too small?

    (I DONT want to use a spin box)

    Thanks in advance!

  • A scroll bar appears when there are enough elements.

  • Why don't you just try to see how it works? You can easily experiment with this using Designer. Just add a whole lot of items to a combobox, and use the preview to see the result. Also take a look at the maxVisibleItems property of QComboBox.

  • Not sure if you are reporting a problem or thinking about what could be a problem. On Linux it usually works with a scrollbar on the combo to scroll to other items. Some themes report a down arrow at the end of the combo to allow the user to scroll.

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