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InputMethodHints. QtNamespaces. ImhNoTextHandles amd ImhNoEditMenu

  • My question is related to the inputMethodHints
    All this flags work perfectly, and there is nothing to complain about. But I found two flags more, and in my situation it is very necessary to use them.
    Qt::ImhNoEditMenu and Qt::ImhNoTextHandles.
    I haven't found, how to use this flags, maybe some one can help me? I tried to use this flags inside the TextInput, TextArea, TextEdit and TextField in the qml code, setting for example

    inputMethodHints: Qt.ImhNoTextHandles

    But they doesn't work. Also they are not mentioned anywhere in the documentation, only in the webpage(Qt namespaces) what I linked above. Thanks for attention, hope that someone can help me to figure out the problem.

  • If someone is looking for it, then don't. At the moment this flags are not integrated and are not able to be used.

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