Tray menu is not getting hide.

  • Hi,
    My application has a tray menu when I am clicking on it, it is visible but when I am clicking to any other application it is not getting disappeared as happening with other application's tray menu. It seems I have missed some thing for sure, mmmm..... but what?

    I looked into QSystemTrayIcon class but did not get anything related to this issue.

    I tried example given here for "Traymenu", that is working fine. I followed the same with few things here and there but did not help.
    Please let me know if specific I need to set to get the expected behavior.

  • The QSystemTrayIcon is not supposed to hide when losing focus. Are we talking about the Windows-specific feature to hide unwanted system tray icons here? If so, you will need some Windows-specific code to add your application to the list of auto-hidden tray icons. This is beyond the scope of Qt.

  • Thanks for you quick response.
    If that is the case then how example given for "System Tray Icon": is working?

    [EDIT: fixed link, Volker]

  • I think the question is: why does your application not work as Windows - at least as far as I know - automatically hides new system tray icons. To be honest I don't know how Windows decides which icon is displayed and which not. Are the any active bubbles, context menus or notifications that might keep the icon "active"?

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